Hi I'm James Quigley,

a Technical and Systems Designer

Email: jamesjquig@gmail.com
Twitter: @quigjam
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/ln/quigjam

Project Snapshots

A bit unfinished, a bit random. The following are select snapshot of projects that help show the range of my passion and experience

Draft Diff (2021)

A tool developed using Unity that helps coaches draft for competitive League of Legends. The tool provides recommendations of for counters and synergies for different champions. Coaches can easily search by role, range, composition, or flip between their own premade drafts. I am actively working on DraftDiff and to start alpha testing in early 2022.


Isotopolis (2021)

A game developed for the National Cyclotron Laboratory to educate primary school students about particles physics. I lead the development on the revision of the original release and a new, unannounced game title. Isotopolis is released on Android and IOS and actively used with MSU's science outreach curriculum.

Play Isotopolis

Empathic Games Initiative (2020)

A student driven grant program at Michigan State University's College of Communication Arts and Sciences. The project consisted of 5 games created by Michigan State Students to provide knowledge about specific populations and was featured as an exhibit at the Detroit Science Gallery.

View the Exhibit

5e Doctor Class (2019)

A nonmagical, utility class for 5e Dungeons and Dragons. A fully homebrew class to fill a hole I felt was in 5e's character class options. Includes three different character archetypes to support offensive, supportive, and utility playstyles. I am activily playtesting the Doctor and hoping reach a final revision in early 2022.


About Me

Hi I'm James, a game designer from Michigan. From my earliest memories, I have always been captivated with video games and the unique experiences they can convey. My favorite games have been those which pull the user in with thematic mechanics like Spiderman, Bioshock Infinite, League of Legends and D&d.

My desire to design new and innovative experiences led me to study media and game design at Michigan State University. There I pursued a variety of opportunities: starting a new club focused on tabletop games, filling multiple roles in collegiate esports, and gaining a love for scuba diving. I decided to pursue a Master's degree in interactive media with a focus on serious games and accessible design through MSU's linked degree program.

I have a strong commitment to quality learned from my experience working as a software developer in the automotive and market research industries. I love collaboration and creating closely with artists and programmers. I joined MSU's Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab and contributed to the development of educational games for the Detroit Science Gallery and NSCL. Recently, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign which received over 5x it's initial funding goal. I led the production and design of the project to publishing in both digital and print formats.
When I'm not tinkering away, you can find me out searching for new experiences. Whether hiking, scuba diving, or finding some weird and unknown place in my local area, I love exploring and discovering inspiration in unconventional places.


Get in Touch:

Email: jamesjquig@gmail.com
Twitter: @quigjam
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/ln/quigjam